Welcome to the Vitis Visualization (VitViz) platform (beta)

If you detect any bug, have any sugestion or just want to give us some feedback, please contact Luis Orduña: luis.orduna (at) uv.es or Antonio Santiago: antsanpaj (at) gmail.com. These tools have been developed for the grapevine community and form part of the activities of the TOMSBiolab team at the Institute of Integrative Systems Biology (I2SYSBIO, UV - CSIC).

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Available resources:

Expression Atlases App

Corvina ----------------------------- Flower


Use Expression Atlases App to navigate through different datasets in order to test the expression of your genes across specific tissues.

AggGCNs App

Agregate gene-co-expression networks from different tissue-specific RNA-Seq datasets

Fruit/flower ----------------------------- Leaf


Break down whole genome aggregate networks into individual-gene-centered or gene-list-centered subnetworks for a meaningful visualization of gene co-expression relationships.


EXpression Heatmaps Across all SRA Runs used in AggGCNs


Use Exhara to inspect gene expression across all SRA-Seq runs used in the AggGCNs App. The fruit/flower and leaf data presented corresponds to the processed SRA runs in Orduña et al. (2020). Orchestration of the stilbene synthase gene family and their regulators by subgroup 2 MYB genes. bioRxiv.doi:2020.12.31.424746.

Conversions App

heatmap Convert between V3/V1 gene ID annotation versions as well as appending gene names and other info from the grapevine reference gene catalogue provided by Integrape.

DAP-Browse App

heatmap Browse through DAP-Seq data associated to the PN40024 genome for different transcription factors.